How to Take Pramiracetam: Benefits and Side Effects

Pramiracetam experiencePramiracetam isn’t an instant “intelligence pill” – rather, it works, as do all Nootropic supplements, to provide the brain with a stronger framework for developing that increased intelligence the user desires.

This means aiming for increased cognitive abilities, better memory and attention span, a feeling of more clarity in daily life, and a better long-term outlook on brain health.

With all of these factors in place, it is easy to see how nootropics in general aim to make one feel more awake, alive, and intelligent, and Pramiracetam is an excellent example of an effective nootropic supplement.

What Is Pramiracetam?

Increased blood flow to the brain, oxygen uptake in the brain, and glucose metabolism are just a few effects of the Pramiracetam supplement; what this means in practice is a clearer, more alert feeling for the user, a lifting of the all too common haze brought on by routine and daily life.

Such effects are extremely powerful and useful in all walks of life – in some countries, for instance, this supplement can be prescribed for Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

Even in less severe cases, many users report a rapid and noticeable increase in their cognitive abilities – as one of the strongest nootropics currently in production, Pramiracetam is a versatile and highly useful supplement. The ease of the body’s assimilation of the supplement only further recommends it for those who are curious about its use and effects.



How It Works

Absorbed into the bloodstream in the GI tract and circulated from there to the brain, Pramiracetam effects Acetylcholine receptors in the user’s hippocampus.

In effect, it sets the brain up to better create and store memories, encouraging the production of clearer pictures with faster recall time for those memories.

After its absorption into the bloodstream and its circulation to the brain, its effects can manifest as soon as 30 minutes after taking the supplement, potentially improving one’s cognitive abilities in a very small period of time.

Effects and Usage

Pramiracetam and its impacts on the body and brain are still being studied, but since its development in the 1970s, most users have described very few side effects compared to the benefits received.

As with all supplements, one should consult with a doctor before beginning usage of pramiracetam, but the most common side effect reported among users is a headache – easily mitigated with the use of other medications or supplements known as cholinergics.

In rarer cases, nootropics like Pramiracetam can result in increased anxiety or irritability as well as GI tract issues; these side effects are much less common, however, and can often be solved by monitoring and distributing one’s dosage more carefully.


How Do I Start?

If you are satisfied with these answers to the “what is Pramiracetam” question, you can start using the supplement via powders mixed in with a glass of water or capsules taken orally. Most nootropics tend to be available online rather than in large chains; as such, the best place to get started is usually an online marketplace rather than a big box store.

One can start using Pramiracetam by itself or, alternately, talk with their doctor and look into starting a nootropic “stack,” in which a few different types of nootropics like Pramiracetam are taken with the goal of balancing out potential side effects and maximizing beneficial effects.

One common stack combines this supplement with a Choline nootropic like Alpha GPC, which works to minimize headache strength – the most common negative side effect of this supplement.

Pramiracetam and Your Brain

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Suitable for a wide variety of people in a wide variety of situations, a powerful nootropic supplement like Pramiracetam is designed to improve short- and long-term brain functionality and health.

With its several potential benefits in the areas of memory, reasoning, attention span, and speed of recollection, Pramiracetam can be an excellent help for students, office workers, people looking to increase their cognitive capacity, and more.

As with any supplement, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting usage but once you begin experiencing the potential benefits of this powerful supplement, you may find yourself sticking with nootropics in general and this one in particular.