NooCube Review Quality Brain Supplements For a Competitive Price

High-end nootropics aren’t very hard to come by, and the reason for that is because everyone claims to have the best product on the market. Simple math demonstrates how untrue that is; someone is bound to stand out from the crowd. Brain boosters are all the rage these days, but they’re not all made the same. Forget what you think you know about them; you’re in for a big surprise.

These daily dietary supplements are no joke, and when you find a well-made one there’s no denying it. We’ve tested nearly every stack we could find to discover the true-blue heroes of the market. So far, we’ve found some amazing stuff. At the same time, we’ve ran across nootropics that were nothing more than expensive disappointments. What we’re saying is: we know the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Along our journeys, we’ve had the pleasure of trying the new NooCube stack. We won’t even bother reviewing one of these if it’s not worth our time and money. It’s not difficult for us to reject a product, even on trumped-up charges originating in brand-bias. That stuff is for the birds. We’re going for honesty here, and that’s why NooCube is getting our attention.

What Is NooCube?

We know you know what a nootropic stack is or else you wouldn’t be here right now. Fast-acting, long-lasting, and typically powerful, these brainy bad boys can offer a drastic improvement to your cognitive function. Used primarily as a dietary supplement taken with a meal or hearty drink, NooCube is one of the top-selling stacks on the market today. It’s designed to enhance the organic functions of the brain by improving memory, focus, and cognitive speed.

Pre-formulated by a group of respected chemists, the ingredients in NooCube are impressive to say the least. No gushing here: this stuff contains an expert blend of amino acids, proteins, and other brain-supporting vitamins and minerals. We don’t see many stacks as good as this, at least label wise. From the outside, NooCube appears to be the ideal, high-tech, new-wave stuff of our dreams. Here’s what the label reveals:

  • 250mg Bacopa
  • 250mg L-Tyrosine
  • 175mg Cat’s Claw
  • 150mg Oat Straw (10:1)
  • 100mg L-Theanine
  • 50mg Alpha GPC
  • 20mg Huperzine A
  • 2.5mg Vinpocetine
  • 14mcg Pterostilbene

It also says that the stack contains 2.5mg of magnesium stearate, but that it’s 100% void of GMOs, gluten, and caffeine, which was good news for the members of our team who took prescription medications that can react unkindly to certain stimuli.

Noocube Review: What Does It Do for Cognitive Function?

We think Noocube works as well as it does because it’s pre-formulated using high-quality stuff, and to top it off, there are very few fillers (if any), which is kind of rare if you think about it. Moreover, the ingredients used are widely known to have an immediate and positive impact on how the brain works, even in lower/higher functioning people. The killer combo contained in a bottle of NooCube is a perfect example of how science and society can work together to create some amazing products with mind-altering side-effects (literally).

Consider for a moment the sheer power of just some of the stuff inside:

  • Bacopa – This popular Indian herb, known in the region by its full name, Bacopa monnieri, is a proven to do some serious work on the noggin. It promotes nerve growth, repairs damaged neurons, and improves memory significantly, just to cover a small portion of what it can do. Studies even suggest that Bacopa can decrease the chance of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and interestingly enough, it’s currently being used in treatments for those disorders and other age-related cognitive impairments. Fountain of mental youth, anyone?
  • L-Tyrosine – Up next, we have an outstanding amino acid that’s responsible for waking up the neurotransmitters in your skull, namely the ones in charge of making you happy. L-Tyrosine plays an Oscar-winning role in the creation of dopamine and noradrenaline, directly affecting alertness, memory retention, focus, and stress management. Researchers actually think that L-Tyrosine gets most of its power for its ability to reduce the negative effects of stress on the brain. Good stuff!
  • Cat’s ClawThis vivacious vine grows abundantly in the Amazon rainforest and is proven to have several neuroprotective effects. Aside from its antioxidant density, Cat’s Claw can repair brain damage caused by environmental stress. This exciting cognitive benefit can prevent mental decline, improve memory retention, and increase the overall health of the neurological system. In fact, recent research has shown that this nootropic can actually help to prevent Parkinson’s disease.
  • Oat StrawBelieved to be a big brain booster since the Middle Ages, Oat Straw comes from the green oats that grow wildly throughout the entire world. Science shows that it increases the alpha-2 waves in the brain, the synapses responsible for making us feel wakeful during active periods of the day and while dreaming. Oat Straw can also mitigate inflammation inside artery walls, improving blood flow and increased cognitive function.
  • Alpha GPCThis nootropic is often used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease because it contains acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter than allows brain cells to communicate with one another. Alpha GPC improves cognitive function in several ways, including but limited to its ability to increase learning capacity, boost memory retention, improve concentration, and elevate mood.

As mentioned, NooCube also contains an abundance of Huperzine-A, Vinpocetine, and Pterostilbene, three nootropics that are well-known for their brain boosting abilities. With those ingredients combined, this pre-formulated stack has some serious impact on the average bear’s mental functioning.

Our Experience with Noocube Stack

Using NooCube was an outright pleasure, so long as we accepted the relatively brief list of shortcomings associated with taking it. First off, we don’t recommend taking this (or any stack for that matter) without first consulting with your family doctor. While most of the stacks on the market contain ingredients that have been tested for safety, individuals will have unique reactions to the combination of nootropics in each product.

With that said, we also don’t suggest taking this stuff on an empty stomach. Not only will you get a slight belly ache, you will also suffer from lackadaisical results. To get the most bang for your buck, take your capsules with a health breakfast in the morning and repeat the dosage as needed or as advised on the label. For the most part, our team experienced noticeable results from NooCube within 30-45 minutes of ingesting it, and the effects were extremely long-lasting (about 8-10 hours on average). So, while the cost of this stack is a tad higher than some of the others, you certainly get what you pay for.

Before we started taking this stack, we felt as though our brain function was high-functioning the way it was. Little did we know, there was so much more our minds could fathom. We took diligent notes about our experience so that we could have proof whether it worked or not, and after taking NooCube for just three days we had recorded significant changes in the way we thought about things, organized ideas, and handled conflict.

Let’s see how this stack stacked up in the four main areas that people want to improve in terms of cognitive function: memory enhancement, concentration and focus improvement, increased learning capacity, and well-being support.

  • Memory Enhancement

At first, our ability to remember and recall information didn’t seem like it needed any enhancement. However, we were quickly corrected once we discovered what our brains could really do. The ingredients inside NooCube worked together quite nicely, boosting our memories to the point where we found ourselves sitting around, reminiscing about our past experiences. Some were good and some were bad, but one thing was for certain: that wouldn’t have been possible without using this stack.

  • Concentration and Focus Improvement

It’s our job to remain as focused and fixed on the goal as humanly possible, so obviously we’re already good at it. Still, this stack’s ability pleasantly surprised us and gave us more of the good thing we’ve already got. Able to concentrate for longer hours and stay focused the entire time, our brains worked at peak levels during the 8 to 10-hour span wherein we felt the effects of this stack.

  • Increased Learning Capacity

It’s not that we are self-proclaimed geniuses, but we can rightfully say we are inherently smart. At the same time, NooCube had a way of making us feel stupid. It increased our ability to think clearly and remain focused so well that our ability to learn and retain information was improved dramatically. We aren’t exactly sure which of the ingredients was responsible for this side effect or if it was a combination of them all working together. We do know, however, that the effects were noticeable, even to other people.

  • Well-Being Support

When your brain works at an optimal level, so too does the rest of your body. In fact, research shows that our perception of reality is based primarily on how our brains interpret the information we receive. So, if our brains are wired to consider numerous possibilities under any circumstance, or to remember solutions we’ve learned in the past, our ability to enjoy our day-to-day lives is drastically improved. NooCube’s patented formula is designed to accomplish that goal, we think we does a pretty good job.

Who Is NooCube Made For?

First of all, we don’t suggest anyone under the age of 18 use any nootropics, at least not without consulting with a doctor first. In fact, we would suggest everyone speak with a licensed physician before beginning a regimen with any new stack. With that said, NooCube seems to be formulated to appease the needs of everybody, with ingredients that have been rigorously tested by talented scientists.


Although its ingredients are used most commonly by individuals who need to work or study harder without becoming stressed, the stack’s unique combination could be beneficial to anyone who wants to improve brain function and unlock their own mental potential. NooCube certainly gets our vote.

It’s important to note, however, that preformulated nootropics are always the best and safest option. So, in terms of pre-mixed stacks, NooCube is noticeably top notch. If you’re one of those people who insists on creating synthetic nootropics, we suggest opting for the ones from the racetam family (oxiracetam, aniracetam, pramiracetam) because they can enhance the brain-boosting effects of the NooCube stack.

The Pros and Cons

Obviously, when you shift the way your brain functions into a higher gear, you are then able to open up new avenues of possibilities in your everyday life. Things become easier to achieve, you remain more alert, and you handle stress better. But while all that might seem like a fairytale, no nootropic is perfect, not even NooCube. Here are the things we liked (and disliked) and this stack:

  • It contains no caffeine or gluten.
  • There are no GMOs or GMO-derived ingredients. Purity is the name of the game.
  • A team of respected neuroscientists developed and rigorously tested the formula for efficacy.
  • We noticed a quick increase in our ability to learn, remember, and focus.
  • It made us feel cool, calm, and collected (which is rare but welcomed).
  • Our entire team experienced a boost of natural energy without the jitters.
  • The effects take hold rapidly (30-45mins) and last for quite a while (8-10 hours).
  • There are some fillers in the formula (albeit not much).
  • NooCube could be called a “do-it-all” stack, but honestly, it’s only ideal for concentration, focus, and memory.
  • Compared to other stacks of similar quality, it is somewhat expensive.

How This Noocube Stack Stacks Up

In today’s fast paced world, it makes sense to unlock your brain’s full potential, even if that means getting yourself on a nootropics regimen. Unfortunately, what we eat or drink isn’t always enough to suffice our mental and physical demands. If creativity is knowing what to do when the rules run out, we suggest getting creative about how you get through the day by considering NooCube (or something like it). We won’t say it’s our favorite stack, but it sure does hold its own up against the competition.