Sulbutiamine Review 2015: What is it? Benefits vs Side Effects

Sulbutiamine ReviewPut simply, Sulbutiamine is an alternative to Thiamine, better known as vitamin B1.

While its effects on the body are similar to Thiamine’s, it can be more potent and effective than the more traditional vitamin, creating better and more visible end results while at the same time promoting other effects not normally found in B1.

With positive influences on mood, memory, alertness, and productivity, this supplement brings a host of positive effects to the body, while at the same time functioning more efficiently than B1.

Sulbutiamine’s Effects on Memory and Mood

Fat soluble Sulbutiamine powder enters the bloodstream more quickly and efficiently than vitamin B1, and the body is able to absorb the supplement well.

Its effects on the brain are believed to include influences on cholinergic, glutamatergic, and dopamine receptors, which can lead to improved memory, mood, and levels of alertness.

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Its positive effects on the memory have been proven by studies and research, and it can potentially aid in treatment of Alzheimer’s and some forms of schizophrenia as well. At the very least, anecdotal evidence supports an increased attention span, a feeling of productivity, and higher levels of alertness, invaluable for repetitive jobs or tasks where one’s attention can easily wander.

Sulbutiamine can be an excellent study aid – its positive effects on information absorption and retention fit very well with the needs of students, and can help them concentrate during preparation for tests or work on school projects.

Beyond the positive effects of the supplement on brain performance and maintenance, it can also positively impact one’s mood: with its effects on certain receptors in the brain, the supplement can help encourage the development of dopamine, which can be linked with a better mood and a more satisfied outlook on life.

It can also be a stress reliever, since dopamine levels can also hold some sway over how overwhelmed or tired one feels throughout the day, it can help reduce anxiety.

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Possible Side Effects

Though resembling vitamin B1 in many ways, Sulbutiamine shows its effects more quickly than the vitamin: it crosses the blood-brain barrier easily, as opposed to vitamin B1’s extended time before absorption in the intestinal tract. As such, the supplement’s effects appear more quickly than those of vitamin B1.

One of the main visible side effects is that of a mild stimulant – while certainly easier to handle than that of a drug like Adderall, the effect does exist.

Many users, however, see this as a boon rather than a negative – the increased attention and level of alertness that comes with the stimulant effect can be a boost for productivity rather than an obstacle.

Because of this mild stimulant effect, though, the supplement may increase some anxiety or tension in some users. It has the potential to exacerbate irritability and tension in some users or when relatively high doses are used. Along with the possibility of headaches, rashes, or nausea, dependence is also a potential issue, as a tolerance to the supplement is built up throughout continued use. Careful scheduling of one’s use of the supplement is one method to try to avoid negative effects, and one should stop using it right away if any of these side effects occur.


The Benefits of Sulbutiamine over B1

If you were asking “What is sulbutiamine?” before, you have learned by now that the supplement is comparable in effects to vitamin B1, but brings with it several bonuses: a faster and more visible result, along with the chance to positively affect receptors in the brain to encourage alertness, memory efficiency, mood, and more.

Sulbutiamine can be an excellent choice for students, workers, or others worried about their continued brain performance during repetitive and cerebral work, and the potential for positive effects on one’s mood and anxiety levels are another piece of the supplement’s myriad useful effects.

Though it was first developed to combat vitamin B deficiency issues in Japan, the supplement has since been recognized for its additional benefits not found in traditional vitamin B1, and today is a potentially powerful supplement to add to one’s routine.

Effective when combined with Racetams, choline supplements, and more, Sulbutiamine is well worth a look when it comes to new supplements to help brain efficiency.

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Sulbutiamine is an excellent choice to add your nootropics regimen. Not only does it increase focus and memory recall, it has excellent anti-anxiety properties and helps improve your mood as well.

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