Does Taking Sulbutiamine for Anxiety Work Without Side Effects?

does sulbutiamine workWhen you go online looking for a Sulbutiamine review, you will probably be amazed at the sheer volume of information out there on this supplement.

While this supplement has been used since the early 1970s for a variety of ailments, it has only recently gained so much media and Internet attention.

What is Sulbutiamine?

This supplement is from a family of supplements known as Nootropics. They are sometimes called “smart drugs” because the Nootropic supplements have a strong effect on brain function and overall cognitive ability.

Essentially, the Nootropic supplements help your brain to work faster, and they allow you to use your brain to your very best ability. This supplement has multiple mental benefits. It can be used for a basic boost to the brain function, but has also been used in many other ways.

For example, it’s been used with success by Alzheimer’s patients and even by schizophrenia patients because it helps them to retain information more effectively. For people who have problems with their memory, whether it is long term memory loss or short term memory loss, this supplement can be extremely helpful.

Some other effects of the supplement can include improved mood, and sometimes even decreased shyness since people may be feeling more confident in social situations when taking it.

sulbutiamine review

The Use of Sulbutiamine for Anxiety

Sulbutiamine is now increasingly used as a remedy for anxiety.

This is considered to be such a desirable choice for anxiety by many reviewers because it is a natural supplement that is very closely related to vitamin B1. In fact, once it enters the bloodstream it is synthesized much in the same way that the body synthesizes natural B1. While it is very similar to vitamin B1 in some respects, it is a much stronger and more effective version of this vitamin.

Some of the anti-anxiety medications on the market today are prescription only, and could even have the potential for addiction. Sulbutiamine, however, is available to purchase online and does not have any addictive qualities.

sulbutiamine for anxiety

This supplement appears to work so well for anxiety because it has an impact on the neurotransmitters in the brain. Essentially, the neurotransmitters are responsible for the brain signals that make us feel happy, anxious, or worried. Sulbutiamine stimulates the production of those neurotransmitters, which  makes it incredibly effective at reducing anxiety naturally.

What is the Correct Dosage?

The proper dose can vary by person, but in general 600 mg per day is recommended if you are taking the supplement as a general “brain power” booster. Ideally, this 600 mg dosage will be split up into three separate doses.

Many people find it easiest to have one supplement capsule or tablet with each meal: Morning, noon, and evening.

If you are taking the supplement to help with anxiety, you will usually want to start with a higher dose. The recommended dosage for therapeutic reasons such as anxiety would be 850 mg every day. Again, it is best to divide this dose into three separate dosages so that you get an even level of the supplement in your body at all times.

Your doctor’s advice will always be the most important advice you can follow regarding the dosage of any supplement or drug. You may require more or less than the amounts discussed here, and your doctor will be able to direct you as to the right amount for your body and your situation.

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Sulbutiamine is an excellent choice to add your nootropics regimen. Not only does it increase focus and memory recall, it has excellent anti-anxiety properties and helps improve your mood as well.

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Where to Buy It?

Sulbutiamine side effectsYou will find this supplement for sale all over the Internet today, but it is important that you buy from a company that offers clear information about the supplement right there on the website.

You can usually choose from several different formulations. Capsules are usually the most common, but pills are also sold fairly often. Less common is the powder, which is pure form Sulbutiamine, so it is a great way to ingest it, however it does require some dedication to getting measurements and dosages exactly right. If you use the powder, you can usually add it to a drink to avoid any aftertaste.

Is This Supplement Right for You?

If you are looking for a natural way to deal with your anxiety, or if you are finding yourself growing increasingly forgetful, this may be the perfect supplement for you to try. There are also plenty of other reasons that you may want to try the supplement, including the benefit of overall improved well being and imroved mental performance.

If you think it might be right for you, start out with a trial run and watch how the improvements happen!